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Working Group 6
Nano-size actorics and sensorics / nano-systems

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Nano-size actorics and sensorics / nano-systems


Film thickness sensor with vacuum flange, lower boundary of measurement 30...50 nm, depending on mateial.
(Photograph: amtec Analysenmeßtechnik GmbH Leipzig)


Micro-electronic, micro-acoustic, and micro-optic systems for applications as sensors or actors are presently the subject of intense research as well as industrial production for a wide and expanding market. They are based on several elements, as Si-chips, surface acoustic wave (SAW) elements, micro-mechanic or micro-fluidic functional units, where the sensor or actor materials are integrated by means of deposition techniques as PVD, CVD, LPVD, and sol /gel techniques.

Since telecommunication tends to ever higher frequencies, the SAW-elements applied there tend to be sized down to the nm-range. Next-generation communication systems will work at 10 to 15 GHz, which implies 50 to 100 nm spacing of SAW structures, with 10 to 30nm film thickness.

Efforts are centered on coupling inorganic and organic functional elements to the surfaces. In this way, bacteria surface proteins are to be applied for sensors, and other organic films are supposed to make micro-reactors and bio-sensors, to name few examples.

Head of the working group:

Dr. Andreas Schönecker

Fraunhofer-Institut für Keramische Technologien

und Sinterwerkstoffe (IKTS)
Winterbergstraße 28, 01277 Dresden
Phone 0351 / 25 53 508
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