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Working Group 5
Thin films for optics and photonics

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Thin films for optics and photonics


Precision X-ray mirror for X-ray diffractometry and microscopy, manufactured with laser pulse deposition.
(Photograph: Fraunhofer IWS Dresden)


Ultra-thin and nano-structured films have become important elements of present-day optics and opto-electronics or photonics. Intense research is proceeding on active opto-electronic elements consisting of ultra-thin films, also with optically active individual molecules.

As latest examples of novel light-emitting substances, semiconductor nano-cluster for Si-based light emission and organic light-emitting diodes may be mentioned.

X-ray mirrors consisting of stacks of ultra-thin films of a few nm thickness are increasingly applied as beam shaping elements in analytics. Still higher precision of X-ray optical elements is required in EUV ((?)) -lithography, which is thought to be the most promising future lithographic technique. This requires further perfection of deposition techniques and of ultra-smooth substrate manufacture.

Head of the working group:

Prof. Dr. Karl Leo

Technische Universität Dresden
Institut für angewandte Photophysik (IAPP)
Mommsenstraße 13, 01069 Dresden
Phone 0351 / 4633 43 89
Fax 0351 / 4633 70 65




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