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Working Group 3 Biomolecular films for medical and technological purposes

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Biomolecular films for medical and technological purposes


The overlap regions of molecular biology, cell biology, basic medical research, and pharmacology are promising fields of interplay with technological research which are supposed to provide commercially profitable solutions, including those based on nano-technology.

Highly complex functional nano-scale structures have been brought about by biological evolution. One of the several efforts of interdisciplinary research is concerned with the technological use of biological structures and materials. Detailed knowledge of composition and constitution of biomolecules and their joining into complex structures with particular functions is supposed to provide a basis for the development of novel materials for medical and technological purposes, as implants, nano-scale sensors, micro-electronics materials, etc.

In the envisaged fields of application, the biological structures are to be integrated in several ways: as components of composites including conventional materials, functional matrices for the synthesis of inorganic substances (biomineralization), templates for the deposition of metallic, polymeric, or ceramic substances, functional units for miniature components.

The biomolecular nano-scale units can be used only in connection with ultrathin films or clusters. By making use of special biomolecular templates, film and cluster synthesis in the 1...100 nm range is to be realized.

Head of the working group:

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Pompe

Technische Universität Dresden
Institut für Werkstoffwissenschaft
Professur für Materialwissenschaft
Mommsenstraße 13, 01069 Dresden
Phone 0351 / 4633 14 20
Fax 0351 / 4633 14 22




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