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Sealing of porous work-pieces with parallel surface functionalising

Many sectors, such as the automotive industry, require components which must provide both a high sealing degree as well as functional surfaces (e.g. corrosion protection).
A newly developed nanosol vacuum impregnating technology allows the industrial manufacturing of such components. At first, the work-pieces are subject to a vacuum pressure below 25mbar and then immersed in sol. Chemical and physical modifications of nanosols allow the realisation of various coating properties and functionalising with regard to the refining of work-pieces. But also non-metallic materials such as marble, stoneware and plastics can be processed in order to achieve a new type of properties. The images below show, by means of a sintered metal ring which is subject to internal pressure, how components can be sealed through vacuum impregnation. The different amounts of bubbles represent the respective seal grade.

         uncoated                 impregnation 1            impregnation 2

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