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Nano-competence for hard thin films

In different industries, an increasing demand can be observed for ultra thin precision depositions. Examples are the ultra thin protective coatings on micro parts and deposition of functional films in microelectronics.

Filtered cathodic arc is one of the most promising candidates as an industrial PVD technology for high-technology application. Currently, in advanced industrial sources the number of droplets is reduced to about one millionth in comparison to unfiltered arc. This results in films, containing less then one micrometer size particle per cm² - good enough for many advanced tool coatings but still insufficient for applications as the deposition of top coat on hard disks or barrier coatings prior copper filling into silicon for manufacturing metallic lines and interconnections. Recent improvements of the filtered high current pulsed arc (Filter-HCA) technique results in a nearly complete droplet elimination - to only a few ten-nm-size particle on a square meter. To continue this perspective development of the Fraunhofer IWS Dresden and to commercialize the sources, a new spin-off, the "Arc Precision GmbH" has started in January 2004.

To comply with the industrial demands, compact and productive filtered arc sources integrable into complex systems were been developed. Focusing on hard disk overcoats and deposition of ultra thin barriers, can offer industrial filtered arc sources and can help customers with its introduction into manufacturing.

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