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NanoDAC - A new Technique for Deformation Measurement from Micro to Nano Scale

NanoDAC is a new approach for displacement and in-plane strain field measurement based on scanning probe microscopy images (nanoDAC, nano Deformation Analysis by Correlation). In-situ atomic force microscopy scans are carried out at the surface of objects subjected to different thermo-mechanical load states. Locally applied correlation algorithms are used to track image patterns and to obtain incremental displacement values.

The results of the nanoDAC technique are in-plane displacement fields ux(x,y) and uy(x,y). The figure above illustrates the measured displacement field at a crack tip of a thermoset polymer. The crack opening field is shown as contour lines of equal displacement in y-direction and the scanned surface is shown in the background of the image.

Applications of nanoDAC are thermo-mechanical reliability studies of MEMS and NEMS and the mechanical qualification of newly developed nanomaterials for electronic packaging.

Further application areas are focused on:

  • Micro- and nanoscale in-situ deformation measurements.
  • Verification of nanomechanical approaches.
  • Fracture properties of micro- and nanomaterials.
  • Measurement of coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE).
  • Tracking of nanomanipulated objects.
  • Interface Problems of ultrathin layers

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